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i need timming settings for a kia2700 J2 ENGINE 2006 MODEL

Customer Question

i need timming settings for a kia2700 J2 ENGINE 2006 MODEL
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Tim's Auto Repair replied 5 years ago.

tims auto repair :


tims auto repair :

do you need the timing belt alignment marks?

tims auto repair :


tims auto repair :

may help you

tims auto repair :
tims auto repair :

2006 Kia Truck V6-2.7L
Timing Component Alignment Marks Locations, Components

tims auto repair :

2006 Kia Truck V6-2.7L
Timing Belt Service and Repair, Procedures


Full Size Image


Engine removal is not required for this procedure.

1. Remove the engine cover.
2. Remove RH front wheel.

Full Size Image

3. Remove 2 bolts (B) and RH side cover (A).

Full Size Image

4. Turn the crankshaft pulley, and align its groove with timing mark "T" of the timing belt cover.

NOTE: Always turn the crankshaft clockwise.

Full Size Image

5. Remove drive belt (A) and belt tensioner (B).
6. Remove the engine mount bracket.

Full Size Image

1) Set the jack to the engine oil pan.

NOTE: Place wooden block between the jack and engine oil pan.

Full Size Image

2) Remove the 2 bolts, 2 nuts and engine mount bracket (A).
7. Remove the power steering pump.

Full Size Image

8. Remove the 7 bolts (B) and timing belt upper cover (A).

Full Size Image

9. Remove the crankshaft pulley bolt and crankshaft pulley (A).

Full Size Image

10. Remove the drive belt idler pulley (A).

Full Size Image

11. Remove the 4 bolts (B) and timing belt lower cover (A).

Full Size Image

12. Remove the engine support bracket (A).
13. Check that timing marks of the camshaft timing pulleys and cylinder head covers are aligned. If not, turn the crankshaft 1 revolution (360°).

Full Size Image

14. Remove timing belt tensioner. Alternately loosen the 2 bolts, and remove the tensioner (A).

Full Size Image

15. Remove the timing belt (A).

NOTE: If the timing belt is reused, make an arrow indicating the turning direction to make sure that the belt is reinstalled in the same direction as before.

Full Size Image

16. Remove the tensioner pulley (A) and timing belt idler pulley (B).
17. Remove the crankshaft sprocket.
18. Remove camshaft sprockets. Hold the hexagonal head wrench portion of the camshaft with a wrench and remove the bolt and camshaft sprocket.

CAUTION: Be careful not to damage the cylinder head and valve lifter with the wrench.


1. Check the camshaft sprocket, crankshaft sprocket, tensioner pulley, and idler pulley for abnormal wear, cracks, or damage. Replace as necessary.

Full Size Image

2. Inspect the tensioner pulley and the idler pulley for easy and smooth rotation and check for play or noise. Replace as necessary.
3. Replace the pulley if there is a grease leak from its bearing.

1. Check the belt for oil or dust deposits. Replace, if necessary.
Small deposits should be wiped away with a dry cloth or paper. Do not clean with solvent.
2. When the engine is overhauled or belt tension adjusted, check the belt carefully. If any of the following flaws are evident, replace the belt.

^ Do not bend, twist or turn the timing belt inside out.
^ Do not allow the timing belt to come into contact with oil, water and steam.

1. Install the crankshaft sprocket.
Align the pulley set key with the key groove the crank shaft sprocket and slide on the crankshaft sprocket.
2. Install the camshaft sprockets and tighten the bolts to the specified torque.
1) Temporarily install the camshaft sprocket bolts.
2) Hold the hexagonal head wrench portion of the camshaft with a wrench, and tighten the camshaft sprocket bolts.
Tightening torque
Camshaft sprocket bolt 90 - 110 Nm (900 - 11 00, 65 - 80 ft. lbs.)

Full Size Image

3. Install the idler pulley (B) and the tensioner pulley (A).
Tightening torque
Idler pulley bolt 50 - 60 Nm (500 - 600, 36 - 43 ft. lbs.)
Tensioner arm fixed bolt 35 - 55 Nm (350 - 550, 25 - 40 ft. lbs.)

NOTE: Insert and install the idler pulley to the roll pin that is pressed in the water pump boss.

Full Size Image

4. Align the timing marks of the camshaft sprocket and crankshaft sprocket with the No.1 piston placed at top dead center of its compression stroke.
5. Set timing belt tensioner.
1) Using a press, slowly press in the push rod.
2) Align the holes of the push rod and housing, then install a set pin through the holes to keep the push rod in position.
3) Release the press.
6. Install the timing belt tensioner.
1) Temporarily install the tensioner with the 2 bolts.

Full Size Image

2) Alternately tighten the 2 bolts.
7. Install the timing belt.
1) Remove any oil or water on the sprockets, and keep them clean.

Full Size Image

2) Install the timing belt in this order.
Crankshaft sprocket (A) - Idler pulley (B) Camshaft sprocket LH side (C) - Water pump pulley (D) - Camshaft sprocket RH side (E) Tensioner pulley (F).

Full Size Image

8. Remove the set pin (A) from the tensioner.
9. Timing belt tensioner checking.
1) Rotate the crankshaft 2 turns clockwise and measure the projected length of the auto tensioner at TDC (#1 compression stroke) after 5 minutes.

Full Size Image

2) The projected length should be 7 - 9 mm (0.27 - 0.31 inch)

Full Size Image

10. Install the engine support bracket (A).

Full Size Image

11. Install the timing belt lower cover (A) with 4 bolts (B).

Full Size Image

12. Install the drive belt idler pulley (A).

Full Size Image

13. Install the crankshaft pulley (A). Make sure that crankshaft sprocket pin fits the small hole in the pulley.
Tightening torque
Crankshaft pulley bolt 180 - 190 Nm (1800 - 1900, 130 - 138 ft. lbs.)

Full Size Image

14. Install the timing belt upper cover (A) with 7 bolts (B).
15. Install the power steering pump.

Full Size Image

16. Install the drive belt tensioner (B) and drive belt (A).

Full Size Image

17. Install the engine mount bracket.
Install engine mount bracket with 2 nuts and 2 bolt.

Full Size Image

18. Install RH side cover (A) with 2 bolts (B).
19. Install RH front wheel.
20. Install engine cover.

tims auto repair :

tims auto repair :

2006 Kia Truck V6-2.7L
Ignition Timing Specifications, Electrical

Ignition Timing (After warm Up at idle).............................BTDC 12 ° ± 5 °