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Redram5.9, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Car
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whit..immobilizer Built-in Lock for Vehicle Security RIG..27752i cont

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hi cane you tell me pls how open central lock whit this
Car System RFID Immobilizer Built-in Lock for Vehicle Security RIG-27752
i cont do it

Redram5.9 : Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX thanks for using JustAnswer. Just to understand, you want to use the RFID key transponders to unlock the vehicle when you come in proximity to the car's doors?

hell my name is XXXXX XXXXX malta


yes i wont to no how it wockrs


or the car doors if i do whit one central lock is b eter

Redram5.9 : How it works is this. After you wire the control module and and mount the receivers in the car or in the doors, when you walk up to your car, within the receiver's distance, it sends a signal to unlock the doors.
Redram5.9 : This system, the RIG-27752 is for disabling the starter of the vehicle. Let's say someone tries to start your car without the chip, it will not start. Here is a link for the central door locking system that you want.
Redram5.9 : Please hit accept if you are satisfied with my answer, so I can get credit for my work. You can continue to ask questions even after you hit accept.
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