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Ignition control module..module 4x reference circuit intermittant

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1998 Infinty 130 Ignition control module 4x reference circuit intermittant no pulse
Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX all have you tried or checked on this, have you pulled codes from the computer yet?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I took my car in on Jan 16,2012 and my engine light was on, and air bag
light on but I have been having problems with my car not starting and
battery recently replaced and car does start up but there was a
continual stuttering as if engine needed gas. I took my car in and
the mechanic said my car needed new ignition coils, replaced 2 and was
told I may have to do 2 more. However, the engine light and the air bag
light remained on. I took it back that same day but he indicated I would
have to leave my car for a day..due to family illness I couldn't spare
a day, tho he said car is ok for now. I went to do my emission inspection and it was there I found through the test that infinity in-
cated the problem was the ignition control module 4x. I feel my car
was misdiagnosed as problems continued and now a failed emission test.
What do I do next, and what cost estimate could I use as a guide?
I feel I shouldn't have paid for ignition coils as this was not the
problem. What can I do?
It was definately mis dioagnosed, i would try to get your money back for the coil repairs as it obviously did nt fix it, if it has a code for the 4x signal, it will cause these problems,and you most likely have a bad crankshaft position sensor, this sensor is about 150 dollars for the part and the labor to replace it is about 50 dollars,Tim
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