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2003 mini cooper that just one of the tail lights quit working..Bulb

Customer Question

have a 2003 mini cooper that just one of the tail lights quit working. Bulb replace ment didnt help. Was told the body control module was bad. Bought one used on ebay and took it to a mini dealer and had it programmed for the car. They said the lights worked but dont know if they just checked the turn signals and brake lights and didnt turn the lights on and check the tail light. because after i took it home at night the tail light still doesnt work. is it possible that both of the body control modules had the same problem since i see on message boards that light problems with minis are very common and the control module is the culprit. I would hate to pay 500 dollars for a new body control module and have the same problem.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Dad Mechanic replied 5 years ago.

JACUSTOMER-j74d4cev- :

Sorry for your problem, I maybe able to assist you. I am not familar with the cooper BCC, but almost all the time on all cars the tail lights are feed by a single wire from the front of the vehicle. left,right tail light and license light are all on the same circuit. Your car is 10 years old I would think corroded connector or broken or rotted wire. If all of this fails you can run a new wire from the left to the right tail light, this will work and cause you no problems and save you many $. Hope this helps you. Jim. Don't be afraid to questin me more.

JACUSTOMER-32cid5cm- :

I wish you were familiar with this particular car and the BC1 body control unit.

JACUSTOMER-j74d4cev- :

I have never had a seperate wire on anyting from the source of power in the front to the tail lights. If you still think it's the BCC check allo fuses I have found there are fuse that are not labled for specific pourposes ie bc1 lablel. Im sure if 1 tail light lights and the license plate light work also you have a wiring problem. If you wish i'll opt out so another expert may address your problem. Thanks For using just answers. Jim