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Experience:  California smog licensed, ASE ceritied in L1, A6, A8 for over 30 years professionally
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1998 mercury villager: quits running..20 was now

Customer Question

1998 mercury villager (nissan engine) quits running. Have to stop for 20 minutes and it goes again. Initially; when the AC was now. Now; it does it sporadically. It's inconvenient; any thoughts?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Jim replied 5 years ago.

Jim :

We have seen a lot of problems like this caused by faulty distributors. Here are the checks that can be done to check for this type of problem.

Jim :
1. Verify strength of spark at the plugs with a round blade screwdriver - look for a good 1/2 inch minimum nice, strong, blue spark.

2. Put a timing light on the #1 spark plug wire and check for consistent spark firing consistently in time.

3. Verify good battery voltage to the ignition coil on the Black/White wire in the two wire connector at the distributor.

4. Scope coil negative on the Blue wire in the two wire connector at the distributor and see if coil negative is being consistently pulsed all the way to ground.

5. Verify that the Black/Pink wire and the Black wire in the 6-wire distributor connector have a good ground - look for 0.05 volts or less.

6. Check for good battery voltage on the Green/Red wire in the 6-wire distributor connector.

7. Scope the White wire in the 6-wire distributor connector for a consistent 0 to 2-4 volt sawtooth pattern from the Engine Control Module with the engine running.

8. Scope the Green wire and the Red wire in the 6-wire distributor connector for consistent 0-5 volt square wave signals with the engine running. The Green wire should be a 0-5 volt square wave signal every 1 degree of crankshaft rotation, and the Red wire should be a 0-5 volt square wave signal every 180 degrees of crankshaft rotation with 3 narrow signals and 1 wide signal, with the wide signal denoting cylinder #1.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.





So just get the distributor/timing tuned-up?


If it works during the summer with the AC on in high altitudes; I will approve the payment.


Your thinking this has nothing to do with gas flow?


Stay tuned.

Expert:  Jim replied 5 years ago.
They have had a lot of distributor problems with these vehicles, If any of the above tests fail the distributor would need to be replaced.