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Ridgerunnerras, Auto Mechanic
Category: Car
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Experience:  I have been fixing cars for 26 years for myself and at a used Car dealer. I am skill mechnical and autobody and paint repair
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2001 Suzuki Vitara: 4wd 2.0liter, l4 dohc 16v, 4 speed automatic

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I have a 2001 Suzuki Vitara JX 4 door, 4wd 2.0liter, L4 DOHC 16V, 4 speed automatic with air cond. Made in Canada. My VIN number is XXXXX I need the entire FRONT differential (carrier), sometimes called the "chunk" here in the south, with the assorted pinions and other internal assembly. My problem is that everyone at the salvage yards wants to know which ratio do I want, and I don't know which I have. My broken one is in too many pieces to count teeth/ratios. Is there anyway to tell by the info I have above? Which is it? Also, I know that Geo and Chevrolet Trackers will fit but how can I cross reference. Which others exactly will fit?

So my question is; Please give me the info I need to find all models of this differential that will fit my car so I will know exactly what to ask for.

I am not a pro mechanic and do not have access to any special websites that contain this cross referencing info. Thanks

Ridgerunnerras :

Hello I woud like to help you

Ridgerunnerras :

I know you said it differential was in pieces, but on the side of the ring gear there should be some numbers stamped in it these will be the teeth count for each gear. For example if you had 44 11 then your ring gear would have 44 Teeth and your pinion gear would have 11 teeth. so your ratio would be 44/11= 4.00:1. If you can find the stamp numbers then you'll know your ratio.

Ridgerunnerras :

Here's some more information I cannot guarantee that this is 100% correct

Ridgerunnerras :

Year: 2001 Suzuki VITARA Rear Axle

  • Grand ABS AT (4.88 ratio)

  • base AT 2.0L (4.88 ratio)

  • XL-7 w/o ABS AT (5.13 ratio)

  • Grand w/o ABS MT (4.30 ratio)

  • base AT 1.6L (5.13 ratio)

  • Grand w/o ABS AT (4.88 ratio)

  • XL-7 ABS AT (5.13 ratio)

  • Grand ABS MT (4.30 ratio)

  • XL-7 ABS MT (4.30 ratio)

  • XL-7 w/o ABS MT (4.30 ratio)

  • base MT 2.0L (4.63 ratio)

  • base MT 1.6L (5.13 ratio)
  • Ridgerunnerras :

    At worst case if you cannot figure out the front ratio you might have to pull the rear carrier, from the rear axle to be 100% sure of the correct a ratio.

    Ridgerunnerras :

    I hope this helps you please let me know if I can help you further

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