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Proton Kancil: I did an engine rebuild of my Daihatsu Charade,

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I did an engine rebuild of my Daihatsu Charade, after connecting all the wires back, when I start the engine, I just hear a tuck sound, it seems the starter motor is engaging but not turning. Battery is new and fully charged. Any clues where I can start looking?
Sorry you are having trouble. Have you tried to manually turn the motor over by hand or with wrenches?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Jim,

Before attaching the automatic transmission assembly to the engine, the engine turns fine. Once I attached the auto transmission, it does not turn. There is a 19mm nut on the main pulley coming from the cranckshaft, I just tried turning it using a 19mm socket and it would not budge. The auto transmission is in Park positiion. After attaching the drive shaft to both sides of the transmission, I tried turning the wheels and both sides turn freely and smoothly.

I think i have bad news for you. i don't know if you put a new or reground crankshaft in the engine when you rebuilt it, but i think the alignment nipple on the torque converter is to large for the pilot bush hole in the end of the crankshaft. Or you may have another alignment issue with the transmission. Never the less the transmission is going to come out. If it was a reground shaft they may have left the old pilot bushing in from a standard transmission.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


Let me pull out the transmission/engine assembly and take it back to the shop that machined the cranckshaft and ask him to fix it. This will take me a couple of days and then we can close this session. Thanks.

Ok looking forward to hearing from you. Sorry you need to do extra work, before you take it back check the piolet hole for a bearing or a bushing maybe you can check the diameterof the pilot hole aginst the out side diameter of the pilot of the torque converter.
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