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96 acura tl: gforce chips..5.3 v8..5 wire harnesses i believe

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i was sucked into buying the gforce chips
and need to know which wires to hook them to on a 02 chevy silverado 5.3 v8 and a 96 acura tl 3.2, they are 5 wire harnesses i believe?

I will tell you what I tell all my other customers, this is a waste of money and time. I have a huge box filled with these "performance chips" that I have removed from customers cars that have damaged either their MAF/IAT sensor or PCM(powertrain control module). I have also seen them melt the engine pistons due to leaning the engine out too much.They are snake oil, plain and simple, and dont work. They have been proven time and again by Consumer Reports to actually decrease fuel mileage, decrease performance and damage components. the only thing inside that chip is a 25 cent resistor that you could buy at radio shack. That is it. If they worked, every car manufacturer would have added them years ago to met Federal Requirements on gas mileage ratings instead of sinking billions into research.

Now, if you still want to install them, knowing that they will cause damage to your vehicles, be forewarned that neither JA or I am responsible for any damage you incur.

On the 02 silverado, the tan wire is the IAT signal wire and the black wire is the IATground wire. connect to those 2, and yes, this is part of the maf sensor

On the 96 TL, the iat sensor is its on sensor with only two wires. red/yellow wire is signal wire, green/white is ground

tl engine:
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
As I just spoke to my local mechanic, they are junk and will be sending them back and thank you for the honest answer. Will not be installing them but will be paying you for being honest... thanks eric

you are welcome and glad to hear you arent going to install them. personally think these companies need to be held accountable, just like the snake oil salesmen of the 30s that sold "remedies" for every ailment...

have a great week
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