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hornet0419, ASE Certified Technician
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84 honda accord: alternator is disconnected..without removing..trick

Customer Question

I have an 84 honda accord, the alternator is disconnected, however I can not get it out of the car without removing the mastercylinder, all kinds of wires and tubes. Is there a trick to this? is there a video showing the removal and replacement of an alternator>
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  hornet0419 replied 5 years ago.

hornet0419 :

Hello and thank you for choosing just answer this afternoon. I don't have any videos for you but the service manual is saying that you have to remove the driveshaft on that side of the vehicle and remove it from the bottom.

hornet0419 :
  1. Disconnect the ground wire from the batteries negative terminal.
  2. Disconnect the engine wire harness connector from the alternator, and remove the terminal nut. NOTE : For ease of access to the alternator, it may be necessary to disconnect the left driveshaft from the steering knuckle.
Alternator Attachment

  1. Remove the alternator adjustment bolt and nut, then remove the alternator belt from the pulley.
  2. For fuel injected engines remove the air cleaner case and intake manifold B NOTE : Before disconnecting the vacuum hoses from the manifold, mark their locations to ensure they are returned to there original locations on assembly.
  3. Remove the alternator through bolt, then remove the alternator.
  4. If necessary, remove the mount bracket bolts, and the upper and lower mount brackets.
hornet0419 :

Let me know if you need any further assistance.