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ABS kicks in when braking at any speed above 15 MPH no matter how slight brake is applied,

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ABS kicks in when braking at any speed above 15 MPH no matter how slight brake is applied, low trac light comes on when applying medium braking, loud clicking heared on driver side front.

MrDiag :

Hi, My names is Rich and I am here to help. So you have unplugged the wheel speed sensor and the ABS activation has stopped?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

yes, I assume thats what the plug is, it was the only blug and its locatded behinde the calliper. the ABS light is back on and the loud clicking has stopped.


There might be a problem with the abs tone ring which kind of looks like a gear and is located on the end of the axle shaft near the brake rotor behind it. You might need a flashlight but if you can look at the ring (from under car behind the wheel, turning wheel might help) and check for damaged or missing teeth, or try and turn it with a screwdriver, it should not spin without the axle. Either of these would indicate a bad ring. With those symptoms it's usually the tone ring, abs sensor, or wiring. I am thinking it's the tone ring.
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