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same problem..kms..smoke..valve stem seals again, replace piston rings

Resolved Question:

I still have the same problem. Done a few thousand kms from the time I have asked you for a solution. What I can not understand, I redone the valves and head and no smoke for up to 500kms, start smoking, redone head and valve stem seals again, replace piston rings, still smoking. Redone head again, still smoking. Redone Valve stem seals and piston rings again and still smoking.

Now my question is, why did it not smoke for the first 500kms?

I did not find anything wrong with the piston rings when I replaced it after it started smoking after it done more than 500kms.

What happened to let it start smoking in the first place?

I have done all the test as you suggested and still do not have a solution
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  dl250567 replied 5 years ago.



You should start by carrying out a cylinder leakage test. This is not the same as a cylinder compression test.


It does require specialist tools though but should pinpoint the source of your problem.



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