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Amedee, Former ASE Master Tech
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Why is my car heater & radiator fan not working?

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My Car heater has stopped working. The radiator fans have stopped working. The heat was on and off as if it was a wire problem. What could be wrong?

Welcome to Just Answer. Are you saying that the fans under the hood stopped working or the blower motor has stopped working?

Is the coolant level full?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yes, the blower motor has stopped working and there is no longer any force flow of air coming into the car. It started as if a wire circuit was cutting off partially and each bump on the road would set it off and back to normal. Not long afterwards, it stopped forcing air into the car completely. It is 35 below zero here in my home and the car is frozen solid due to no heat coming in. The 1 inch hoses going to and from the radiator are sucked in even though the coolant level is at full. Is there a water pump in these vehicles?

Yes, there is a water pump on this vehicle. But from you are describing, you have two separate issues not related to the water pump provided it is not leaking coolant.

First, if the blower motor is not working, it could be bad or missing a power or a ground. Sometimes the connector right at the blower motor itself gets loose and causes this sort of issue. I would check that first. If that checks out ok, then check for power and ground going to the blower motor with the key on and blower motor turned on high.

For the hoses sucked in, this is usually a bad radiator cap. Try removing the cap and see if the hoses go back to the normal size.

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