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2008 Ford Ranger 4x4 - My question is about the fluids: coolant,

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2008 Ford Ranger 4x4 - My question is about the fluids: coolant, brake fluid, auto transmission fluid, and transfer case. When should these fluids be replaced? Dealer service reps cannot agree. Ford's answer was rather ambiguous and didn't make sense. The truck is rarely used off pavemen. Would really appreciate some sort of rule-of-thumb. Thanks
Hello and thanks for your question.

There are several different opinions between the dealer and the manufacturer. The manufacturers in my opinion are extending fluid change intervals too long. In my 25+ years experience as a Ford dealer technician I recommend the following:

  • Coolant, every 60k or 3 years. Ford says 100k but I see lots of corrosion issues in the cooling system when changed at 100k.
  • Brake fluid, every 30k or 3 years. moisture in the system is hard on ABS valve seals and master cylinder seals.
  • Transmission fluid, Every 30k. Trust me as a Ford trans tech you cannot go wrong here, will greatly improve your chances of never having a transmission issue. Recommend complete exchange every 30k and filter change every 90k.
  • Transfer case every 60k.
  • Differential fluid, rear every 30k front every 60k.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I appreciate your inputs. Makes sense. Thanks
Your welcome.
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