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1995 Isuzu Pickup: rpm..few seconds shits..engine shuts off.Some times

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1995 Isuzu Pickup starts but will not idile up to RPM and after a few seconds shits off and if gas pedle is depressed than the engine shuts off.
Some times when it starts there is no problem. Lately it has occured more often.
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Normally when having symptoms such as yours like poor running cold or will die when the throttle is opened is due to low fuel pressure. I would suggest first replacing the fuel filter. If you continue to have these symptoms then the problem will most likely be a weak fuel pump.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
This sounds lik a good possiblty. the problem did not start until I had the fuel filter replaced. The next question is . When it does start than applying gas seemes to run ok and also if I let it idel it does not shut down? Could it still be the pump. Another system I failed to remember is that when the problem shows up than all the dash warning lights come on. When it starts ok than they don't come on. Do you still think it is gas pressure??
So the problem is present with dash warning lights on, but is not present with dash warning lights off, this correct and does this happen with regularity?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Correct YES
In light of the new information it would seem that your problem is more electrical in nature. A faulty ignition switch can cause a loss of power to certain circuits through bad contacts in the switch. The problem would also likely be intermittent in nature. If you can get the symptoms to act up and then can correct the problem by turning off the key and restarting the engine (may take a few tries) then I would say that the ignition switch is the culprit. Make sure to check battery connections and ground wire connections to the engine first and then if these checks do no turn anything up, replace the ignition switch.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for you assistance and quick responce.

Battery and ground ok. Ignition shounds like a good possibilty. I will check gas pressure and switch. If that don't work I will seek your assistance again. Thanks now go watch the game.