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battery go dead on my 2006 ferrari f430..smog test..emissions test

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I let the battery go dead on my 2006 ferrari f430, I started it this morning to go for a cal smog test. The vehicle passed the emissions test but failed the ecu test. Can seem to get a solution for resetting the ecu. Thanks

OBD2 drive cycle to set the OBD2 monitors to readiness is condition based, not mileage based.

This is drive cycle to perform. Must be done twice on consectutive days and done as exactly as described:

NOTE: In the final phase of Drive Cycle, it will be necessary to find a straight piece of road to ensure that:
-The speed does not drop BELOW 35mph
-No traffic conditions are encountered which will force the vehicle to stop
-No excessive use of throttle is used to maintain the 35mph
-Lifting off the throttle completely is NOT required.

-Switch ignition on for 30 seconds
-Check with diagnostics for DTC’s
-Ensure engine coolant temperature is less than 60C/140F
-Start engine
-Allow engine to idle for 2 minutes
-2 light accelerations (0 to 35mph with light pedal pressure)
-2 medium accelerations (0 to 45mph with moderate pedal pressure)
-2 hard accelerations (0 to 55mph with heavy pedal pressure)
-60mph cruise for 5 minutes
-50mph cruise for 5 minutes
-35mph cruise for 5 minutes
-Engine idle for 2 minutes
-Check with diagnostics for DTC’s
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