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1985 Eagle vision 3.3L automatic...000 miles..Wont shift..first gear

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1985 Eagle Vision 3.3L automatic. 88,000 miles. This car and trany has always been babied!!! Engine has never been over 3,000 RPMs! Won't shift out of first gear. Revearse, neutral, park OK. Selected Drive, 3rd or first, wont shift out of first. Problem occurred when driving home one day. While decelerating at traffic light at 25 mph, down shifted abruptly and never came out of first. Fluild and filter changed 14 months ago by trany shop. Used AT or AV +4 fluid. Today no burnt smell, level ok and color clear. Really don't want to replace with atrany that I don't know the history of. Rather replace a sensor. Your thoughts? Jay

Hello and welcome to just answer! Jay, the most common cause of this "limp in mode" is a failing input or output speed sensor. There may be another sensor or solenoid circuit problem, but I usually see the speed sensor(s) failing and causing this problem. Do this: Have a scan tool that can read transmission codes and sensor data coneected to the vehicle and 1 see if there are transmission related codes, and 2 drive the vehicle while monitoring the input and output speed sensor signals. If one of the sensors is reading 0 rpm, then that is the one that will need to be replaced. If there are other transmission codes, then those codes will need to be diagnosed accordingly. Some auto parts stores may have the appropriate scan tool that can do this. Sometimes they will check it for no charge. Note: be sure that the scan tool can actually read sensor data for the transmission not just for the engine codes.


I hope this information helps, and let me know if you need further assistance with this.



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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Chris, I have visually looked at the tranny. Two, two pin connections on the side and one 6 or 8 pin connector on the top. Do you know which is which and which you would suspect to have vailed with ou connecting it to a scan tool?
I went ahead and replied through your other rely. Thank you for the accept!