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pass is there a way to figure what is all wrong with out the big bill

Customer Question

i need an out of province inspection but i dont think i will pass is there a way to figure what is all wrong with out the big bill of the inspection cost?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Mark replied 5 years ago.
What province are you in?

What things make you think that it won't pass inspection........please list them all?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
from bc to alberta. Well the windshield is cracked and i think there is some problems underneath the hood. like it pulls to the right. As well as i had to fix one of the tires all 4 tires are the same but the one rim is alloy and the other 3 are chrome.
Expert:  Mark replied 5 years ago.
Ok thanks.

As a certified BC inspector (and Alberta uses the same type of regulations), I can tell you that if the windshield crack exceeds 12 inches, then it will fail the inspection. If it is directly in the driver's line of vision, it would fail automatically regardless of length.

As for the rims, as long as all 4 are the same size, it doesn't matter if one is alloy and the others are chrome. Tire condition is critical though, so if they are close to the wear bars you may not pass the inspection depending on the discretion of the inspector.

Pulling conditions can indicate suspension or steering wear or potential alignment or brake issues so this would fail the road test portion of the inspection as well.

I hope this information is helpful and let me know if you need further assistance with this.