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6 ls: a 2001 impala 3.8 v..check engine..leak

Customer Question

working on a 2001 impala 3.8 v-6 ls check engine on and steady trouble code po442 emission system leak wish part would be the more apropiate to replace or fix is any body there that have these kind of problem before and be able to help me.tank you joe
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  hauto replied 5 years ago.

thanks for using JA

An emission system leak is very difficult to diagnose and different on each car.

it could range from an actual leak, a faulty gas cap, rotted out filler neck, vent solenoid

or even a fuel tank pressure sensor.

The system has to be smoke tested using a smoke machine to determine if there is a leak or not then all the electrical solenoids tested.

I would not recommend replacing any parts with out the smoke test.

But if you want to experiment replace the gas cap and have the code(light) reset and see what happens that would be the cheapest part. if the light comes back on the smoke test is a must.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
tank you for your answer and did its the more apropiate ok where can im start checking on it im do have a brand new smoke detector brand smoke pro total tech if you be able to send a digram of the vacum system on that car because im dont have any info about it tank you
Expert:  hauto replied 5 years ago.
the evap smoke port is under the hood on the left side. I couldn't find a diagram showing the location of the port.
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