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Stripped..every lugnut loose on the drivers side except the last one

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Stripped lugnut removal????? i got every lugnut loose on the driver's side except the last one. I used the exact right socket. I tried a breaker bar. I tried penetrating oil. I tried a impact gun (battery-powered). I tried blowtorching it to loosen it up. What
I got out of all that is a stripped nut.
HELP !!!!!!
Mechanics want 50.00 to "fix" it. I'd rather jump off a bridge than pay more than $10 to get a lugnut off. I need ideas. I thought of drilling through the middle of the lug, then hammering it til it came off, then I'd be able to get the wheel off, but then I'd have to replace the lug, and I'm betting that's a real pain in the butt as well.
There's got to be an easier way...

there is a special socket made for this, but you may not want to buy it as it costs $50 and can only be used about 4 times. this is what a shop uses ad why they charge so much, because the special socket has a very limited usuage.


if you look close you will see that it is spiral cut. you beat it onto the stripped lug nut and use an impact gun to remove the lug nut.

Your other option is to use a welder and weld another socket onto the stripped one and then use an impact gun on it to remove it.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
do you mean weld a socket onto the stripped nut?
sorry, bad typo on my part.

meant "weld another lug nut onto the stripped lug nut"
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