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tripletauto, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Car
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Bearing..rear axle shaft oil seal (2) and rear axle housing end gasket

Customer Question

Need source for rear axle bearing inner retainer; rear axle shaft oil seal (2) and rear axle housing end gasket. Vehicle is 1992 Daihatsu Rocky.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  tripletauto replied 5 years ago.

here is a source for rocky parts


they have the oil seal and bearings, I would contact them and see if their bearing comes with the retainer


also see if you have a local bearing supply store they should have some retainers like what you need it is just a press on collar with the dimensions they should be able to get what you need. or contact an online source like this one

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have already checked with Samuariparts and they don't supply the bearing retainer. The seals are no problem to get; I just mentioned them and the gasket, thinking that I would get everything from the retainer source that you were going to supply me with?

I have already been all over the internet trying to locate said retainer. I am 125 miles from any "local" retainer source, if there is such a thing. Contacting you for a "$29.00 answer" was a desperation move and the "last ditch" prior to trying to locate a used Rocky rear end and just swap out the entire unit and hope it's better than the one I now have.

Thanks anyway!
Expert:  tripletauto replied 5 years ago.
Sorry there is just not a lot of sources for parts on these vehicles. I would suggest using a micrometer measure the axle diameter where retainer goes on and outside diameter of retainer and contact an online bearing source see if they have a retainer that will work. those locking retainers are used on equipment and machinery also might be able to find a suitable replacement. if you have not cut off yet see if a machine shop can press off the retainer and reuse is another option.