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BarryP, Owner/Partner Oem+Aftermarket Parts
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 3
Experience:  10 + Yrs of Wholesale Aftermarket + Oem Auto Parts Expert -60's to All Late Model Cars -Foreign/ Dom
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Isuzu Wizard diesel 2002 repair manual

Customer Question

Isuzu Wizard diesel 2002 repair manual
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  BarryP replied 5 years ago.

BarryP : Here ya go!
BarryP :–-2003-vehicle-wiring-manual-ebook.htm
BarryP : It has the wizard model listed and its a free pdf for the manual
BarryP : Please accept if it is what youre looking for!
BarryP : Hello?
BarryP : Got disconnected, sorry
JACUSTOMER-hh9lbzqk- :

I am going to check the site out now.

BarryP : No problem, thanks!
JACUSTOMER-hh9lbzqk- :

i checked it out, and it is not a general repair manual. I is only for wiring. I want a repair/service manual.

BarryP : Sure, give me a few mins
BarryP : Try this, scroll down and download
BarryP :
JACUSTOMER-hh9lbzqk- :

I see the manual, it is for the Rodeo,but is this the same as the Wizard? The Rodeo is for the US market and is a left-hand drive, I am seeking a manual for the right-hand/Japanese model.

BarryP : Its works the same way, most of the repair is done the same way, from what i read and asked someone at my shop just now, the key difference is the wiring which the other catalog provided, dig through it, check it out.
BarryP : My alldata system on my shop computer suggests the same thing
JACUSTOMER-hh9lbzqk- :

Is this for the diesel engine?

BarryP : Let me double check, one sec
BarryP : Should be from what i can see, but here it is for sure, you have it for every make and model, one sec
BarryP :
BarryP : Japanese, european and us
JACUSTOMER-hh9lbzqk- :

Barry, I am seeing the Rodeo, but not listed as diesel, and I am seeing the Trooper with the engine number I am looking for wich is 4JX1. Can you narrow down the field to advise me which would be the right manual to get?

BarryP : The 4jx1 from what my computer is telling me, theyre tricky, but im pretty sure
JACUSTOMER-hh9lbzqk- :

So is it the Trooper, or the Rodeo?

BarryP : The 2000 rodeo / amigo manual is perfect match for 2002 wizard , or the 2002 one i sent you, only diff is the wiring which is the other manual
BarryP : Got disconnected
JACUSTOMER-hh9lbzqk- :

Isuzu Trooper Bighorn 4jg2 4jx1 6vd1 6ve1 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Workshop Service
Repair Manual Exp Ubs The engine number 4jx1 matches, Is this diesel?

BarryP : Yup
JACUSTOMER-hh9lbzqk- :

Ok, it seems like it. I need to go now, so I can't complete this transaction. If I have difficulty, would I be aable to contact you again, or do I chat withsomeone else?

BarryP : Chat with me, email ,pme at [email protected]
BarryP : Please of you think it is correct when you have a chace complete the transaction
BarryP : All you hit is accept
JACUSTOMER-hh9lbzqk- :

Ok Barry, thanks, and good night.

BarryP : you too
BarryP :

Please if you have time accept the transaction, I double checked and its all the information you need. thank you.

JACUSTOMER-hh9lbzqk- :

Just a note to say that I paid for the manual through PayPal on Monday 19th December 2011. I did not see a place to give the address on the site, so I subsequently sent them the shipping information (see attached email) but have received no confirmation of the order from the company nor have I received the manual.

I know my recourse to get my money back, but I still need to get the manual.