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2002 hummer h1, and I need help bad!!! any h1 experts out there?

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I have a 2002 Hummer H1, and I need help bad!!! Any H1 experts out there? I know there are very few, so please dont waste my time or yours. I will tip for real advice - if you know what you're talking about.

The issue I will be inquiring about specifically will be the tires and the shocks.


Randy :

Yes, The shocks can be put on while wheels are off,

Randy :

Factory size wheels and tires

Randy :


Customer: But is it a must while the wheels are off? Say, can I get the tires put on now and deal with the shocks later? The wheels have been wearing so badly because of having two sizes of tires and bad shocks. Truck has never been off road FYI.
Randy :

shouldnt be a problem.

Randy :

Bad shocks will cause uneven wear on new tires.

Customer: The problem is that I am being scammed by the tire guys here and they are saying that in addition to the $400+ per tire I pay for the tires, they want an additional $150 per tire to install the tires due to the complexity of the CTIS. Sorry i forgot to mention the CTIS (I always assume people know that, but I guess some people are dumb enough to put "rims" on the truck instead of keep CTIS).
Customer: So it doesn't make sense if I need new shocks to not do that first, right? I'm not paying that damn $600 tire installation fee twice. Doesn't that seem high anyway?
Randy :

Right, it will cost less to go ahead and do shocks compared to waiting

Randy :

You gonna be at $700.00 per tire/with shock.

Customer: So shocks cost $550 or so each?
Customer: And makes sense to do them all new at same time (shocks)? Thanks I will tip
Customer: So the part I am looking for is "shock absorber" (front and rear) - I am on my oem parts site I use, looks like they are only around $220 for each shock. So you think each one will cost approx $350 in labor on top of the tire labor and parts cost?I know you can't tell me for sure, I am just so tired of being conned here in Vegas. Also when they see my hummer they go psycho because it was owned by an NBA player or something with the red stingray two toned seats and everything. It's obnoxious and they smell money.
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I was referring to shocks, tires and labor per wheel, should be around $3000.00 Total. Shocks($100.00 each) and labor($50.00) to install. This should be approximate cost.