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Suzuki: I have a 2000 Vitara 2 Dr. 1

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This question goes out to all the Suzuki Experts. I have a 2000 Vitara 2 Dr. 1.6. I want to disable the Day Light Running Light function so I can operate my headlights with the headlight switch only. I see by looking at the All Data and Mitchel online that there is supposed to be a DLR controller under the left side of the dash and to the right of the steering column but I can not find it? I've unplugged everything under the dash including all the relays on the fuse block and can not get the DRL to not come on. Please tell me what I'm missing and how to get the DRL disabled. Thanks, Jack
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Sidekick Sport
In this car the DRL also controls the Brake, Charging/Alternator warning lights in the instrument panel and the Head lights in low and high beam,

If You remove the DRL module, all the items described before will not function.

In the connector of the Daytime Running Light Unit (Is the black Module behind the ODBII Connector) Cut the next:
Pin 3 RED/BLU Daytime Running Light Resistor
Pin 9 ORG/WHT Daytime Running Light Bulb in Instrument Panel

CAUTION: Check the others cables before cutting it, they may have also silver or gray dots, just to know that is the right module.

You can est it by removing the connector, have wheels chocked, gear in neutral and brake lever released, engine on at idle. If the headlights are off, that is the Module!

If you wish, a Double Pole Single Throw switch can be wired for enabling or disabling the DRL, just wire the Pin 3 in one side of the switch and the Pin 9 in the other side. A switch that looks the same as others installed in the Sidekick (The switch for disabling or place in "valet" mode the Suzuki security system for example) is NKK Switch DPST type:CWSB21AA3F, in is Stock #:(NNN) NNN-NNNNfor about USD $2.50.

sidekick DRL conn

Suzuki Vitara
1. Unplug the DRL module located under the dash to the right of the steering column. It's a small silver box with a multi pin plug in its side, pretty obvious.

2. Lift the circular light sensor on the right side of the dash. Unplug it. Don't drop the plug into the dash. Retain it and be sure to secure it with a string attached to the sensor housing so it can be recovered if need be, and does not rattle
Easy as that!

Kind regards Greg
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