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honda s2000: benifit differances of horsepower vs shafts

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Could somebody please explain the benifit differances of horsepower vs torque? I understand that the tourque is the actual twisting force applied to the drive shafts, and it is the power you FEEL when driving. But that aside, how would a car such as a 1990 crown vic with only 150hp but 270ftlbs of tourque preform vs a honda s2000 with about 200 hp but only 140 of torque? (If these engines were put on the same car) I am understanding that the higher tourque would determine the cars exelleration and towing capacity, but then what is the advantage of horsepower and how does it relate to tourque?

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With a higher torque rating the car will generally make more power at low rpms and get you moving much faster where a car with lower torque and higher horse power will be slower to get moving and make up for it at higer rpms.


With more torque you will have more of a muscle car type feel with power right off the line. With less torque you have to get high rpms to get into the power band.


For example a high torque engine migh make max horse power at just 4,000 rpm where a low torque engine has to be near redline to make max power.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Just alittle clarification and I will accept. So which is a better indicator of true engine potential and for passing power on the highway. Do vehicals with higher torque ratings usually provide faster top speeds as with the crown vic/honda example? And I assume that engines with higher displacement produce higher tourque? I guess the top end/max speed is related to horsepower, but that this is usually limited by the tranmission/ final gear ratio in modern cars.

Yes more displacement generally makes much more torque. Torque will not generally have a big affect on top speed as it is all in gearing and transmission. As far as passing torque is what helps there as you don't have to get the rpms way up to get into the horsepower.


Potential is shown by torque, you can make a honda make a lot of power but it has limitations, but look at a 500 inch top fuel engine making 8,000 horsepower and the potential is clear.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

thanks buddy


You're welcome!!!