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Classic: Range Rover..only come..disconnect..the ignition switch, so I

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I have a 95 Range Rover county classic, the key will only come out if I disconnect the battery. I was told it was the ignition switch, so I replaced it to no avail, same problem,any ideas.
Hi there

Your range rover is fitted with a " park position switch "

Unless the car is in park it will not allow the key to be removed.

So basically the park position switch must be replaced so the car will allow the removal of the key. This is in the gear selector.

Another trick that may work "not solve the issue to a factory standard" but may work.
Behind the plastics on the steering coloum in a 1995 model there is a purple wire. that powers the mecnizim that holds your key in place disconnecting it will allow the removal of the key basically disabling the system.

I am assuming this is the same for a 1996 model.

I hope this has been of assistance for your question if you need any more information at all please feel free to ask.


Joel .JA

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
there are a couple of purple wires connected to a harness and what does these wires do ?
Hi there

The prior model i worked on there was only one as it has a black and purple return.

As its midnight here i would have to wait till the morning to get a wiring diagram.

Does one wire have a black stripe on it ?
if so that will be the negative for the system.

I would suggest removing either whist the battery is disconnected.

tape the end of the wire up so it does not spark and then reconnect the battery see if you can remove the key.

If it dosent work then sick that one back in and remove the other.
Its not going to hurt anything.

I would see if i could remove it from a lower plug rather than the back of the ignition itself to make it easier.

Ill try and hunt around on the internet to find a wiring diagram for a 1996 model rather than the one i have for the 1995