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2007 Suzuki XL-7: the check engine light came..instrument panel

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2007 Suzuki XL-7 After leaving a car wash the check engine light came on, plus service traction control display appeared on the instrument panel. It was late, so I drive home. I turned off and restarted the engine, both warnings did not come on.

Next day I went to a auto parts store that lets you use their code scanner. Code P2138 come out. How does one troubleshoot this code? The car runs with no problems. . After driving about 30 miles, the warning lights stay off.
Hi there

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Code P2138 refers to
Throttle position sensor

From the information you have provided reason you traction control light came on is due to the wet ground or water at the car wash.

As stated above P2138 refers to the throttle position sensor that would of been restricted when the traction control was activated.

Now the real question is , is there really an issue.

I would have the code reset and if the lamp continues to come then the best option would be to have the throttle position senson tested for a short.

I hope this assists you with your train of thought if i can provide any other information please feel free to ask.



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