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96 Suzuki Sidekick: From cold start..slow..problem last..timing chain

Customer Question

Good morning - I have a 96 Suzuki Sidekick, 99k, pretty good shape but having problem with accelration. From cold start, seems to accelerate ok but within 1-2 minutes, notice very slow to get any acceleration after stop. Ran into this problem last year and had the timing chain replaced and problem seemed to go away. But, problem is back and mechanics can't find anything to explain problem. They did say that they did something with the throttle(?) but at this point, they're stumped and I want my Sidekick back to normal (great car!). Thoughts? What about cam timing and/or compression issues? Thanks - xxxx xx xxxxxxx
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Matt replied 5 years ago.
Hello Jan

If its not already been done then I'd suggest checking for low fuel pressure from the electrical pump at the tank.

If the connections to the pump are corroded or damaged then the pump could stop at any time or could not be running at full speed. Check that its relay switches in and out and the relay contacts are clean and bright – replace the relay if in any doubt and do the same for the fuse,
Ideally measure the pressure at the injectors and if this is low check the pump as described and also consider changing the fuel filter as if this partially blocked this too will reduce pressure.