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13) in a 1995 land rover, range rover county..3.9l..check engine light

Customer Question

how do i reset the "Mainteance Emisssion Remainder" beep. fuse (No. 13) in a 1995 land rover, range rover county, with a 3.9l engine and check engine light.  When i unplugged fuse 13, the beeping stopped but so does rear wipers, etc.


I have taken it to Midas to check the exhaust system the converters, etc and they said it all checks out, however, they cant RESET it.  They called Land Rover and they were not helpful told them i had to bring it to them... 

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Randy replied 5 years ago.

Randy :

The "Check Engine" light, located on the auxiliary switch panel, was first introduced in the 1988 model year, and for 1988-92(?) models merely reminds you that your vehicle has reached a certain mileage and should have its emissions systems checked. It is otherwise known as an "emissions maintenance reminder, and is designed to come on at 52,000 mile intervals (52,500, 105,000, etc.). It does not indicate any fault in the engine. In 1993(?) it was renamed the "Service Engine" light and performed the same function.

The light is controlled by a small brown box that looks like a relay, about one inch by two inches, with a sticker labeled "Emission Maintenance Reminder". On 1988 models it is under the lower dash panel, attached to the steering column support bracket along with some relays. On 1989 it was moved to a position under the passenger seat along with the relays behind the EFI ECU. There is a hole in the box, under the sticker, into which a small screwdriver can be inserted to connect two contacts and reset the light.

Full Size Image



that didnt stop the beeping that turn off the check engine light. My question was more about how to stop the beeping not turn off the check engine light. when i pull out the fuse no. 13 it stops but so do the rear wipers and defrost. how do i stop the beeping

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Relist: Inaccurate answer. i have a 1995 land rover range rover county 3.91


i have a constant beep sound that i need to reset (something) to make it stop. The fuse that controls this is (fuse No. 13), when i pull it out the noise stops.


Things that i Have done: taken it to Midas Muffler, they couldnt fix it. The did tell me my converters were in good shape.


The preivous answer I received fro JustAnswer expert told me to reset the "emission Maintenance Remainder" switch under right seat. I did it did not stop the noise but it did check "check engine light". However, that wasn't what I needed.


I have unplugged the main ECU, unplugged the Emmision Remainder switch and plugged it back in and still cant get it turned off.


is there a wire i can disconnect from a separate speaker somewhere?