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i have a truck. this morning i drove to a gas station. filled it up.

Resolved Question:

i have a truck. this morning i drove to a gas station. filled it up. went to drive off and the truck wouldnt start. i couldnt smell any gas getting to fuel injection. called aaa. they came out. banged on the gas tank with a monkey wrench while prompting me to attempt to start it.the truck emmediatly turned over. i thanked him but being so pleasantly suprised i forgot to ask him why this worked. can you explain/ thank you.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Brogs70 replied 5 years ago.

Hi Curtis Im Scott

He was banging on the fuel tank to jolt the fuel pump into life. This was a common occurrence with the Fords of this age quite often it is due to dirty connections at the fuel pump but often its a sign that the fuel pump is nearly at the end of its life. At your earliest convenience you should make an appointment to have this taken care of.

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