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Error codes popped up for my Hummer h3 2006 goes

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Error codes popped up for my Hummer h3 2006 model:
P2101, P2176, P1516 and B0240

I would like to ask for the repair/fix procedure for this problem. The car goes to a "reduced power" mode and "stabilization system failed" message.
Hello and welcome to JA, the most likely cause is that the TP sensor has worn and is not sending the same signal that the computer is looking for, so these codes are set and the system goes into a "fail safe" mode, to avoid unwanted acceleration, or stalling. Have the TP sensor replaced, or if it is not available on its own, the entire throttle body.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have replaced the throttle body assembly and still the problem exist. Please advise next step.
Ok, the other thing to do is remove the electrical connector for the throttle body and make sure the terminals have not spread, causing a bad connection, if they have, slightly turn the male terminals in the throttle body so they make a better contact with the female terminals in the connector.
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