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Canada fix
Canada fix, Owner/Technician
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 1632
Experience:  Trained in a Ford shop. Worked for the last 21 years as an independant. 19 of those in my own shop.
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What is a good car to recommend for a fairly new driver?He

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What is a good car to recommend for a fairly new driver?
He is a Tibetan asylee, smart, college educated, some
driving experience, low income.needs to get around
If I were recommending a vehicle here are some of the things I would look for.

First of all, if low income I am going to assume something used will be on the agenda.

Look for a car that is relatively low on mileage and well maintained, local dealer support is often necessary for parts and sometimes service.

Avoid lemon your research on them, the internet is a good place to look, but there you will find issues with anything.

My favorites for reliability are Toyota and Honda but these often come at a premium price. Often well worth the few extra bucks however.

The Ford Focus seems to be holding up well for my customers if you are looking for Domestic brands.

Don't overlook Subaru, Hyundai Mazda or Nissans if they are in good condition.

If higher in miles, ask about service records. Specifically if the car is equipped with a timing belt as that repair can add up to a few bucks.

Avoid Neons and small Chevrolets.

And before buying, take it to a reputable service shop and get it checked over first.
It may cost a buck or two to do this, but it may save you thousands.
If the seller will not allow it, don't buy it as they may be trying to hide something.

Find out if there is any warranty if buying from a lot and check out the company that is offering the warranty. Some are not worth the paper they are written on.

In California, emissions are a big deal. Make sure it will pass this too.

There you are. My opinions. I hope this helps you along.

Your questions or comments here will be welcomed.

Thank you.
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