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Greg, Technician
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Isuzu FTR Any Mechanics that are familar with this truck and

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Any Mechanics that are familar with this truck and this problem?

My company flatbed truck is an Isuzu FTR 1997 has about 160,000 miles.

On the motor it says OHC diesel, model 6HE1XN

Truck was running great no problems.

But sometimes on Monday mornings after the truck sat all weekend it would not start, there was no fuel in the motor.

We had a mobile mechanic come out an start it a couple times, he said it was a fuel problem for sure. He would start it by using the manual fuel pump on the side of the motor and then pressurizing the fuel tank with compressed air.

He changed all the fuel filters but the problem came back.

Still running great just a problem to start when the truck has sat for a couple days.

So we took it in to the local "Industrial" truck shop.

They had it for a few days could not find anything, they said it ran great also.

We went to pick it up and it had the same problem.

So they replaced that manual pump on the side, they thought maybe that was the problem. But no luck.

Now they are saying it is the injector pump and it needs to be rebuilt, $3600.00.

Thats where I am at.

Heres my question; Does this sound like and injector pump problem and does $3600 sound OK?

I am in Southern California so prices are a little high sometimes.

Thank you in advance, sorry for the long story.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need more information
Hi welcome to will answer your question the best I can,

One thing i would like you to try before we decide to replace the pump,
Which i personally don't think is your problem.

The Pump that they replaced ? this part i would like you to pump the pump for a few minutes or until you fell it is to hard to pump, then try and start

This will re-prime the filter which i think is empty on Monday morning,( more than 24hrs without starting)

Let me know what happens Monday .

Kind regards Greg
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

They did that. It did start but then it ran poorly.


The mechanic is saying they have tried everything and they think it is the injector pump??


Makes no sense to be the pump, if it starts every day except when you leave it more
than a day, then the pump is okay.

Each time i came across this problem it was the Pump one way valve was damaged
and the fuel would very slowly drip back into the tank,.

I had this problem with one of these engine in a Generator and i decided to fit in a electrical low powered fuel priming pump in the pick up line and this fixed the problem .

I would suggest you try this before investing $3600.

Let me know what happens .

Do the fuel pump yourself Monday morning, and then try and start

Even better remove the diesel filter carefully and check and see if the filter is full diesel or not.

Regards Greg
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Greg are you basing your answer on actual knowledge and experince on this type of truck and this type of motor or just diesel engines in general?




This engine in general which is used in heavy duty Generators .

Over here every apartment block or large residents have generators,
so i see a lot in my shop from my customer that i normally repair there cars for, so i have to take on there Generators when they have problems with them.,Undecided

And lets say the Fuel pump is malfunctioning i remove them and have them O/H for a two to five hundred Bucks,

Regards Greg
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

So what would you say are the chances of this overall problem being caused by the injector pump? 50 % 25% 10% ?



Good question ,

That why we do diagnostics first to see if a part is at fault . if we just went away and replaced a part on assumption then you will be quickly out of pocket throwing part at this engine until it was repaired.

Try the system first as i said then we will move on from there .

Kind regards Greg
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


The truck is over at the mehcanics shop now.


They are saying they have tried everything and that they have taken the injector pump off and tested it and this is why they are saying it is the pump.


Should a injector pump problem show up when you plug the engine in to the "Diagnostics" machine or what ever that is called, when you plug it in to read what is wrong with it?


Or does that type of problem not show up when you "plug it in"


Sorry I am not sure what thay machine and or process is called,




In your year and model will not have this option as its a mechanical pump.

If they have the expensive equipment to test this pump then i'm sure they are in the position to repair it if not have it sent to a Diesel pump and injectors repair lab.

Here is a example of a diesel repair shop for pumps and injectors

Please click here

Greg let me know what happens .

Regards greg

Customer: replied 5 years ago.



So one last question, what would you say the chnaces are of it being the pump?

50% 25% 10% or ??%



Hi .

Chances of it being the pump ? 25% .

As you said, if it is started every day with out any problem then the pump is good, but if not started for more the 48 hrs it has problems starting then this tells me a possible fuel delivery leak .

Kind regards Greg
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