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Isuzu Ascender: flushed..blowing warm line that leads..rear ac

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I have an Isuzu Ascender 2003, I took it to get the AC flushed and the AC was working just fine but the following morning the ac was back to blowing warm air. I took it back and they tried to see if there was a leak by checking it for a leak with the dye but they couldnt find it. so they filled it back up and it happened again then they noticed that there seemed to be leak on the AC line that leads to the rear AC is leaking along the frame. Now they told me that the dealer would hve to take care of it. Now my question is how much am I looking at?as far as getting this fixed? now The coolant is not leaking from nowhere else but it does leak out once I use my AC.
Hello, I am Randall. did the first shop say why you need to go to dealer? meaning could they not get parts or not comfortable with job? or something else?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
They stated that they could not do it there that it was a dealer thing. The shop I went to was a firestone.
got it. did they happen to show you the spot in question?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Unfortunate no they didn't because dropped off the vehicle and went to work and picked it up later
ok, thanks. let me type up some info as I know it and see if it helps answer your question. back shortly to you. Thanks
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok thank you
Ok, not knowing exactly what happened or where the leak is, I wanted to mention there are noted problems with the rear ac lines rubbing, leaking etc.. isuzu released a bulletin about this and then they developed a repair kit rather than full line replace. lets assume it is a rear line leak problem. The shop usues a repair kit where they spice in a piece. this save a large amount of $. Unsure of line costs at this time but each front line runs about $160 each so rear lines expected to be more. the kit is showing in my area for around $50. Book time labor to do rear lines is 2.1 hours and the kit would be less, you would then have the evacuate and recharge fee plus any r134 (freon) they use. my estimate would be around $250-$300 for a repair splice rather than full line set.yes,, sometimes AC leaks only happen when running ac as the pressure are built up 4-5x higher when running. I would at least have a dealer or private local shop give second opinion but at least there is now a rear line repair kit to save time and $. below is the repair kit information for you from isuzu

TSB IB04-12-S004

Rear Heater And Air Conditioning (A/C) Pipe Replacement

Issue Date: March, 2004

Affected Vehicles

2003 to current model year Isuzu Ascender.

Service Information

The following information is to be used when replacing or repairing A/C and Heater lines.

^ Tubing Repair Kit J 41425 is available and contains the new style LOK fittings.
^ Do not service the rear A/C or heater lines as a complete unit. Service the rear A/C or heater lines as a sectional repair.
^ Use the J 41425 when any of the following actions damage the rear A/C or he
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Sorry I apologize for not responding back, I completely forgot.