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chrytech, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  10+years experience in GM and chrysler
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chrysler: no start, new starter, b+ present.

Customer Question

02 chrysler town and country. no start, new starter, b+ present. no trigger power. has power at relay. fuse box to starter nothing. ive ohmed wire wire is good. what am i missing? please help.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  chrytech replied 6 years ago.

chrytech :

hello and welcome to just answer

chrytech :

one of the first things you need to check is for constant power on one terminal at the relay,which it sounds like you have, then the next thing is to see if one of the other terminals is ground and the other power when the key is turned to start. look at the bottom of the relay and you should see the numbers 85,86,87,87a, and 30. the corresponding terminal in the relay box for pin 30 should have constant battery power, 87a is not used, 87 goes to the starter, and 85 and 86 one will be ground and the other power when the key is in the start position.

chrytech :

you can also try swapping another relay in from another spot in the box, just use one that is for something like the A/C, and you can also try a jumper wire in the fuse box from the pin 30 to 87 and the motor should turn over, if you do the jumper wire test make sure it is in park if you leave the key on, because by jumping the terminals like that it will start regardless of what gear it is in.

JACUSTOMER-8cynytkd- :

ty very much. i took a jumper wire from the fuse box to the starter and it will crank. now i have a no spark issue to deal with. i think i have a green wire. i have power at the coil, now i need to get a coil.

chrytech :

the next spot to check is there is a ground that attaches to the frame rail directly under the battery, i have seen those corrode off there and cause a no start.

chrytech :

if that is good, check the wiring for the engine where it goes down behind the coil and attaches to the rear cylinder head, i have seen the insulation on a couple of those harnesses melt and short the wires together, it is called the fuel injection harness and chrysler makes a repair connector because there is a connector right there at that rear head where the wires i have seen melted.

JACUSTOMER-8cynytkd- :

i have ground at the coil. but no power when key is on, no power when in the crank posistion. would that still be the fuel injection harness?? or am i going in the wrong direction

Expert:  Dale Stockstill replied 6 years ago.



I do not want to "Butt" in between my buddy and you but would a wiring diagram help so you can isolate each component? I have not looked but maybe that could help shed some light on the problem.




Expert:  chrytech replied 6 years ago.
sorry for the delay, if you don't have power at the coil, you can trace that coil connector back but i don't believe it goes into the injector harness, what i would check next is remove the battery and then swing the underhood fuse block up and in towards the engine, there is a latch you release on the outboard side of the block then it will pivot up and in, check the connectors that plug into the back of the fuse block, i have seen numerous ones corrode there , in fact i just repaired one with an abs light that had corroded wires there. also check the ASD relay that is where the coil gets it power from.