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Now i am getting a p0505 trouble code..van does not start..cleaner

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i replaced the computer because i was getting a "no bus" signal. Now i am getting a p0505 trouble code which means "idle control sensor malfuntioning." The van does not start, but when I spray carburator cleaner inside the TB it will start but shut down. I replaced the IAC and still have the same problem.


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What is the year make and model of the vehicle?


2002 dodge ram 3500 van 5.9L.


Ok one moment


Remove the 4-wire connector for the Idle Air Control (IAC). Attach a test light to battery ground. Start the engine, probe the four circuits while revving the engine up and down. The test light should blink on all four circuits. If it does, attach the test light to battery positive and re-check each circuit again. Once again the test light should blink on and off on all four circuits. If one or more circuits are not blinking, the wiring or the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is at fault. If they are blinking the IAC is bad. Test the wiring between the PCM and the IAC for open circuits or for short circuits. Repair as needed.. If the wiring is OK, replace the PCM.


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