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ac drain leaking into fan on 2008 dodge caravan

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ac drain leaking into fan on 2008 dodge caravan
Can you give a little more detail of what is going on, and what size engine?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
my ac condensation is leaking into my fan motor then onto carpet, On 2008 dodge caravan. the motor size is 6 cyl 3.3., dodge said they did the recall on the groument, several weeks ago, however it started leaking last week.

ok, either the grommet they replaced under the recall is defective/incorrectly installed, or they neglected to clean out the debris from the drain line.

Personally, I would return it to them to check the grommet and replace if defective or incorrectly installed or have them clean out the debris from the drain tube for you.

But if you want to clean the tube out yourself, open the hood and just below the heater hoses and ac line that go into the firewall is the ac drain tube. it is easier to access from underneath the van. Use a straightened piece of coat hanger to insert in drain tube to clear it out or use a shop vac with the hose covering the tube opening to suck out any debris.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Relist: Other.
the answer doesnt answer why it is not draining down the tube, the tube has been cleaned out from below. it still leaks into my fan.

yes, the answer does. either the grommet they installed was installed incorrectly or is defective(broken) and is not allowing the tube to drain properly, or they didnt clean all of the debris out.

those are the ONLY reasons it will cause the condensation to back up into the fan and/or floorboard.
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