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1994 isuzu amigo: engine block..adjust..the valves..first start

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i have a 1994 isuzu amigo with a new engine block and need to set or adjust the valves before the first start its a 2.6l any ideas

Tracer :

Hello, I am Randall. I have reviewed your question and working on it now.

Tracer :

I responded too one of you first posts on how to set valves. You had originally wrote Rodeo but the 2.6 is the same. Did you get the info I sent in you last post you opened



Tracer :

Ok, unsure why not. Please dont open another post at this point. I will switch out of chat and send. You will have the info shortly. hang tight

Adjust valves with engine cold.

Fig. 11 Rocker arm tightening sequence

  1. Bring No. 1 cylinder to top dead center (TDC) on compression stroke by turning crankshaft until crankshaft pulley is aligned with timing mark '0'.
  2. Check rocker arm shaft bracket nuts for looseness. Using sequence shown in Fig. 19, torque rocker arm shaft brackets 1 through 8 to 16 ft. lbs., then brackets 9 and 10 to 6 ft. lbs.
  3. Check for play in No. 1 intake and exhaust valve pushrods. If No. 1 cylinder pushrods are depressed, rotate crankshaft 360°to position No. 1 cylinder on compression stroke.
  4. Adjust the following valves:
    1. No. 1 intake and exhaust.
    2. No. 2 intake.
    3. No. 3 exhaust.
  1. Rotate crankshaft 360°and adjust the following valves:
    1. No. 2 exhaust.
    2. No. 3 intake.
    3. No. 4 intake and exhaust.
  1. Install valve cover. Tighten to specifications.

Valve Clearance Specifications:

Intake 0.008 ±.002 inches
Exhaust 0.008 ±.002 inches


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
in regards XXXXX XXXXX valve clearance where do i measure for clearance
Sorry for the delay. between the rocker arm and top of valve. Right where the rocker arm contacts the top of the valve stem just above the valve spring.