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Land Rover Defender 90 What car keys do not have chips in

Resolved Question:

What car keys do not have chips in them?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  rlc532 replied 5 years ago.

rlc532 :

Hello, Welcome to Just Answers! I will assist you with your question. Can you be more descriptive with your question include a little more detail about what you would like to know please....Thanks

Customer: I'm trying to find out what year automobile makers started putting computer chips in car keys to make it where you can't go and have an extra key made at a locksmith and the chip sends an electric signal/pulse to the car where it will not start.
rlc532 :

The transponder key was put into heavy use around 1995 and virtually every car has one now. It is easy to identify a transponder key as the base portion (grip) is larger and will look to be a separate piece from the actual metal portion where as a key with out a chip has the grip portion molded to the base of the key. It is also covered in the owners manual of most every car equipped with transponder. It would be hard to give you a list of cars that do and do not have these chips because there is far to many. The Land Rover you have listed in your info does have a transponder (chipped) key.

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