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Club: Vauxhall..fuse blows..OK until 4 pin plug connected..wiper motor

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Vauxhall AGILA 1.2 16v Club (bought 2002). Wiper fuse blows. OK until 4 pin plug connected to wiper motor socket, then fuse blows. Motor unit removed from car, examined and visually OK. +12v applied to each motor connector in turn with -ve to motor body. Motor operates at two speeds depending on which connector is used. Maximum current taken 2.2 amps - of course this is off load except for the worm drive in the gear box. Contacts in the gear box appear OK. It would seem that the problem could be in the car wiring (I assume there must be a relay somewhere, but I do not have a circuit diagram, which would be a great help in tracing a short circuit (as a Chartered Electrical Engineer I am quite able to read and understand a circuit diagram if I could get one). Can you help solve the problem or let me know where I can get the circuit diagram ? Thank you in anticipation.
John Eyles

Billy :

Hello and thank you for using Just answer! I'm Billy and i will assist you with this. Feel free to ask if you need any further info.

Billy :

I will first include the related diagram:

Billy :

In my opinion, the yellow blue wire, is shorted somewhere causing this......

Billy :

You may simply hook a new wire on related pin, and remove the old one....hook the new one on fuse box, relay and wiper motor....

Billy :

PS: the relay box......the only relay having 8 legs is the wiper relay.

Billy :

Thank you for trusting JA and myself.......get back to me if further info is needed.....positive feedback and bonuses appreciated...

nabilc and other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks again for info and circuit diagram. However, I cannot find any details of the wiper switch or the intermittent relay - ie their internal circuits - and where the relay is located: it's not in the relay box in the engine compartment. Incidentally, I had a look at the sort of questions you get asked and although I have a Masters degree in electronics and taught both in the RAF and a Technical College in England, I couldn't answer any of the electronics questions because they related to specific items of equipment and you need to be in the Design or Servicing business to have that sort of knowledge. So, I raise my hat to you and your colleagues at Just Answer.
Thank you John....that is great feedback from a knowledgeable person!!

Truly appreciated.....

Unfortunately the internal circuits are not manufacturers intend for these to be replaced not fixed.......however, the relay should have the details on its cover (like usual)......
And the relay location is different in UK vehicles (RHD), so no location either...however, following the wire (a bit of a hassle) will point the relay location....should be either near the motor, on on the inside of vehicle....

Get back to me with your news, or if any further info is needed (hopefully i can get it....)