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Putting NEW distributor back in 92 S10 2.5 4 cyl. need firing

Customer Question

Putting NEW distributor back in 92 S10 2.5 4 cyl. need firing order and timing process.
New distributor.. I put Cylinder TDC by removing #1 plug placing small vac hose in to cylinder watched hose rise till... Timing mark on belt pulley and block lined up... I pointed the Rotor to #1 plug wire on the cap...the rotor turns as it is installed (because of the gear at the bottom) I made sure the rotor still lined up with #1 plug on cap...Inside the distributor there is star shaped part that spins with the distributor... just to the out side of this there is a star shaped (pick up?)... I lined up the 2 stars...pointed rotor to # XXXXX and installed the NEW cap...transfered the wires to the new cap...(may be wrong)...I plugged in the distributor wires (2 plugs different sizes)...I then tried to fire it up and it tries to pop back through the carb. I need 1. firing order 2. Did I get it to top dead center?...timing marks OK... Vac hose in cylinder was rising...I may be 180 out? HELP
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  RIP ROBERT replied 6 years ago.


Hi; Firing order is 1-6-5-4-3-2 and the rotation of the rotor and plug wires on the distributor is "CLOCKWISE"

Customer :

It fired right up... but I have the same problem I had before... It will run great then die... when I dump fuel in intake it fires right up runs out of fuel and dies...drove it 3 miles to the gas station shut it off then started it up again to make sure It was ok went in side 20 min. later it would not start dump fuel in it fires right up...

Customer :

92, S 10, 4cyl. 2.5 I was working with Doug (just answers) we did several tests...Fuel test, fuel pressure at the filter (4 foot in front of the tank) never left 11 lbs...Tested both wires going to the injector they were pulsing when I started the test then went to solid light, no pulse...when it died dumped fuel in intake and fired up ran out of fuel and died. He said to replace the ignition module in the distributor...the coil on the top of distributor was open (broken wire) this may have happened during removal...Replaced with rebuilt distributor. I had it 180 out..fixed that problem...and it fired right up...Ran great for 10 min. then started the same thing...but this time it would try to die (stumble) and catch it self it would increase rpm by 300 then smooth out and idle back down...5min later start the pattern agan...ran for 15 min. smooth...drove it 3 miles to gas station...shut it off...turned it back on fired right up...shut it off...came back 20 min. latter wont start...dump fuel in intake fires right up...waited 1 1/2 hrs for it to cool down... still nothing

Customer :

I was working with Doug great guy...we did several took a lot of his time... we thought we had it by replacing the I accepted the answer and tried to give him a tip...must have hit wrong button his tip turned out to be $9.00...left message to him to let me know how to get more money to word back...would like to do something...but I'm lost

Customer :

I need help with this s10. Will pay lot more then $18.00... just deposited $68.00 in account.

Expert:  wild west auto replied 6 years ago.
take cylinder one spark plug out have someone bump engine with key while holding finger over plug hole when it spit finger off hole that is compressoin stroke line timing marks up and reinstall distributor firing order should be 1432 make sure which way rotor button turns as it may turn counter clockwise and that is where you are getting firing order wrong didnt see previos do you have fire issue or fuel
Expert:  wild west auto replied 6 years ago.
sounds like fuel is not getting where it need to be check to see if injectors are spraing
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Intermitant grounding of the TBI? wiring going open when it gets hot (warms up)?... will test for stobe on both injector wires again...first time both flashed...but in 10 min. went to solid light. stayed solid after it died...Replaced Distributor...Last time it died ...waited 10 hr went back fired right up... drove home turned hard corner it died set for 5 min. fired up...turned 2nd hard corner...died waited 15 min fired up...When it dies injector not sraying...But why 1. will test for stobe at both injector wires... 2. will pull injector wires away from theTBI so it cant ground to it... 3. will double check all conections, plugs and wires for brakes...Keep in mind I have 2 more S10's for parts same engine, ecm etc.
Expert:  wild west auto replied 6 years ago.
i would try another ecm to see if problem still exist but check harness