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Experience:  Hi, I have been a Car/vehicle mechanic 34 years. 29of -running my own repair/diagnostic business.
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My 2002 Vitara drives for about 8-10 miles then starts struggling.

Resolved Question:

My 2002 Vitara drives for about 8-10 miles then starts struggling. When I turn off for 15 minutes or so, it will start again and probably give another 8-10 miles
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Mike replied 6 years ago.
Hello and Welcome to justanswer...

When you say - "modify catalyst " - - what exactly do you mean by that - ? and also, has these running problem come on since you did that ?

Plus - what is the mileage of the car - and does the EML -engine management fault light come on?

Rgds- MIKE........................................

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Mike. The mechanic took it to the muffler shop and they took off a metal piece. I was told that this was the catalyst. The problem began before this and the diagnostic computer the mechanic used read "bank 1 catalyst threshold" so he said that I would have to have the muffler shop take out a piece and weld it back.
The mileage of the vehicle is around 79,000. Currently no warning lights are on.
Expert:  Mike replied 6 years ago.
Hi there...

It sounds like they have removed the cat innards - the monolith.. but if they have - that can cause the problems you have - because the system, emission system via the ecu / pcm - engine management computer is wanting to see emission related signals from the o2 / lambda sensor ...which will be out because the cat / monolith is not there - so this can be causing your problems here.

The only other things that would normally cause such a fault is a restriction in the exhaust system - ie, a failing cat monolith... or other , in the silencers etc ...or, a clogging fuel filter - failing fuel pump etc -

But given that you have had that done as you have explained above - I think your next move needs to be to re contact the shop that did the "mod"... and see exactly what they have done - to see if it proves the theory as above.

Then, the vehicle needs to go on an emission / gas tester as used for tests - to see exactly how its running and go from there then...

Im very pleased to have helped you -

Feel free to get back to me using the Reply button if you wish - Meanwhile, please click the Accept button for me now - Thank You..

.Kind Rgds to you - MIKE.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I've had this problem prior to removing anything. I understand that the vehicle may have an emissions issue. The check engine light came on prior to having the catalyst removed and after it was removed, no light came on. Someone mentioned that my problems may be related to the "cam sensor" or a faulty fuel pump. What do you think
Expert:  Mike replied 6 years ago.
Hi again -

Ok re the exhaust / emissions ..

In that case - if it were the cam sensor , the engine light would come with 99% of other sensor issues.. so as you dont have that light on I suspect not re the cam sensor..

I did mention the fuel pump above yes ..if all else re the exhaust was ruled out..

The exhaust does just need to be checked, to be sure its not a clogging silencer down the line - What you can do is have a shop run the engine up to the point the problem starts and then do a "back pressure " test done.. to identify if there is a silencer restriction. The other - diy way is to remove the o2 sensor -or slack the exhaust where it meets the engine / manifold so that exhaust gases escape easily and run it past the point you get these troubles. It will be noisy so choose somewhere you wont get pulled - if the engine doesn't falter - you know you have a restriction in the exhaust somewhere.

If its not that then yes I strongly suspect the fuel pump - giving up. It would need a pressure test kit hooking up to the line and driving past the point you get the problems - if the pressure is seen to drop off.. thats the problem identified. I think it will be found to be one or the other - but other than that - plug in diagnostics - in Live Data mode so that everything can be watched "on screen " as driving , will find the fault when it occurs.

I hope that all helps you further -

Best Rgds, MIKE..

Feel free to re contact me using the reply button if you need to - Meanwhile - - Please click the Accept button for me now - Thank You ...
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