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Mirage: a 2008 D3 TD SE with 107 000km from a Landrover Dealer..driven

Customer Question

Hi, I am thinking of buying a 2008 D3 TD SE with 107 000km from a Landrover Dealer in Potch. Car is neat and one owner driven with all its services done. I am taking a motor plan to cover any big eventualities however loose on the service plan due to milage. Is it still a good buy and what do I need to look for going forward that might become problematical?What are the service intervals and costs? Ive have read up a lot on this model and 90% of owners seem happy with their purchase - Ive heard difs can be a problem as well as the keys which stop reading at some stage and that one must alternate between keys as they need to charge? Regards Bancroft
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Matt replied 5 years ago.

What to Watch Out For


Squealing and sticking rear brakes can be caused by premature corrosion of the rear brake back plates. Several complaints of this in 2010, at first denied by dealer and manufacturer, then accepted by both of them.

Driver's cloth seats prone to creasing. The cause from the dealer is: "The seat cushion cover is secured to the cushion foam by two rows of securing rings on the first and second panels, but in order to accommodate the seat heater mat, none are installed at the rear of the cushion, which can lead to the above complaint. A revised cushion design incorporating a different seat heater mat (where installed) allows the cover to be secured to the cushion in the critical area. Should a customer express concern regarding the above, refer to the service procedure detailed in the bulletin to renew both front seat cushion covers.". Latest or updated Disco 3s are fitted with four panel seat squabs that don't have the creasing problem. Three panel seats squabs do crease.

Air suspension compressor may fail.

Sunroofs may leak.

Terrain response system can fail.

Satnav screens can fail.

Bizzarely, if the engine pre-heater does not work, you can get it to by leaving the radio switched on the previous night. Software and wiring problem apparently.

Lots of suspension problems, mainly due to wiring faults.

Failures of 2.7 V6 diesels quite common, possibly due to failure of single turbo oil seals. (LandRover fits a single turbo version rather then the twin turbo in Jaguars, Citroens and Peugeots.)

It seems that on some Range Rover Sports, some supercharged Range Rovers and some Discovery 3s, LandRover has not recorded the security codes. So if a fault occurs such as heated screen, heated seats, lights, screen and light washers packing up due to a a fuse board problem (new fuse board £280+ VAT), the security code will be lost, necessitating replacement of ECU and all door locks at a cost of thousands.

Factory fit removable towbar requires regular maintenance (cleaning and greasing) because it is vulnerable to water and road salt ingress that can eventually seize the log and also penetrate the chassis member that bears it, leading to corrosion and failure of the chassis member.

SuperPro has released a timely solution for all owners of the Discovery 3: precision-manufactured Front Lower Control Arm Bushes. Land Rover’s chassis engineers designed part of the bushing system to be ‘hydraulic’, i.e. oil filled, to improve compliance and ride quality. This design of bush is vulnerable to failure – often as a result of impacts. (There is a tendency amongs drivers of 4x4’s such as the Discovery to believe that as an off-roader it can cope with speed bumps and mounting kerbs at a pace not attempted in a ‘Normal’ car.) In addition, the deterioration of the rubber outer casing can in time allow leaks of the hydraulic fluid to develop. The net result is excessive movement in the lower arm. Imprecise at best – and dangerous at worst.

The new bush kit from SuperPro includes some unique design features to replicate the flexibility of the original hydraulic bush, but whilst taking advantage of the SuperPro material’s durability and high levels of resilience. The SuperPro engineers selected an innovative design previously developed for Australian manufactured Holdens with three pieces of polyurethane including a central section with deep cutaway sections in the polyurethane. These ‘voids’ are key in allowing the material the opportunity to flex and move in line with Land Rover’s original parameters and not creating Noise Vibration and Harshness. The materials resilience ensures that the suspension regains its alignment. And, because it delivers this without the hydraulic features of the original, is less susceptible to damage and wear.

In common with all SuperPro products, these bushes are supplied with a three year/36,000 mile warranty. Three kit options are available:

SPF3456K – Front Lower Control Arm Front Bush - £95.04 plus VAT

SPF3459K – Front Lower Control Arm Rear Bush - £84.48 plus VAT

KIT5299K – Front Control arm kit including SPF3456K & SPF3459K - £149.00 plus VAT.

For more details on SuperPro bushes, please click to




Unknown date TSB to renew front seat cushion covers if creasing occurs (see above).
9-11-2005 Safety Recall R/2005/144: vehicle may become unstable if jacked VINs SALLAAA185A320952 to SALLAAA176A357812.
30-11-2005 Safety Recall R/2005/154: seatbelt buckle may not be retained, build dates 21-8-95 to 12-9-05.
30-11-2005 Safety Recall R/2005/156: parking function of automatic transmission may not operate correctly, build dates 2-7-2004 to 30-4-2005.
7-6-2006 Safety Recall R/2006/069: on petrol versions fuel may leak, build dates 2-7-2004 to 20-5-2005.
19-3-2007 Safety recall R/2006/226: on petrol versions possibility of fuel leakage, build dates 3-5-2005 to 28-9-2005.

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