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The cooling system,flush out the system, and refill..bleed..Rover

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how do you drain the cooling system,flush out the system, and refill and bleed system on a Rover 45 impression, year 19/06/2002, petrol engine
You can look under vehicle for a drain-cock located in bottom of radiator. It will be obvious if it's there. Some 45's have one some don't - sepends on year and rad manufacturer. But drain cold, if no radiator drain you remove one side of lower hose. Before you start, remove radiator cap, actually "de-gas" bottle or header tank as called more commonly in UK. Once drained out, you may run some plain water thru the De-Gas bottle/tank and let flow out the bottom. I would not go crazy flusing, unless you have a rusty/dirty suystem. If so, a more thorough flush may be done by removing thermostat and running water thru block as well. When refilling - fill slowly wioth proper coolant and have bleeder open and lower hose back on obviously, or drain-cock closed. Bleeder is located on on the Coolant return rail, 8mm hex to. This is pipe over flywheel soi to speak. Allow coolant to flow out. Tighten gently. Run engine and turn heat on full to finish filling. Check next morning cold and top up Degas bottle. That's it!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Cannot find the bleed screw, would you please explain, photo of engine is attachedgraphic
Ity's right in this area under airbox - the coolant pipes over transmission bell housing. Should be an 8MM hex like a bleeder on caliper - but can be a plastic cross slotted bleeder plug. Best pic I could fine attached. Follow lowest cooler pipes back, under, toward air intake tube. In image it almost is in line with silver clamp - and below of course
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