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Car accessory by using a quick splice connector..reliability

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I Would like to install car accessory by using a quick splice connector. Massive installation of 100,000 per months. Would like to get references of car installers who are using quick splice connectors in massive, I need to verify reliability and also the best part for my application. Example for such a quick splice connector:
Thank you [email protected]
Hello and Welcome to justanswer..

I know the connectors you show - and they are widely used - and are ok long as they are used correctly with the correct size / tool - for the wires being joined. Over time though they can work loose - and especially so if the exact correct one for wire size hasn't been used - or, again, using the wrong one sometimes doesn't even connect , not cutting into the wire to make contact.

Another issue with these is they corrode if exposed to the elements or any moisture.

A better type that is widely used -is HERE using the same site. These crimp the wires - rather than cut into / through the insulation and provide a better join though you have to bear the ends of the wires to be joined first of course. Too , with these you can buy . use insulated ones.

Its also important to use the correct size - and the correct tool for these.

Soldering remains the best way though - with a heat shrink cover or good insulation tape or self amalgamating tape for a sealed join. It does as you say though, take a lot longer overall. . but thats another option, better connector than the others as above...

Im very pleased to have helped you -

Please dont forget to click the Accept button for me now - Thank You ...

.Kind Rgds to you - MIKE.

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