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Master Class Auto
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1998 lincoln continental: driver window only not workin..door locks

Customer Question

1998 lincoln continental driver window only not workin plus door locks
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Master Class Auto replied 6 years ago.
Please clearly state - which Windows and Door Locks do not work?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
only driver side window and all door locks
Expert:  Master Class Auto replied 6 years ago.
OK, Let's start by testing for power and ground at the Window Motor harness, on driver's door. And while you're in there, you can also test the door lock actuator for Power and Ground as well. A couple things to consider... On Ford/Lincoln/Mercury products of that era, Door Lock Actuators have a high failure rate. I would not be surprised if all of them are bad. But the only way we can tell is to go right to the source. The other thing that's somewhat common on your vehicle, is broken wires that pass from body to door thru the black rubber convolute tubing. If you're able to remove the door panel and test the two wire plug at Window Motor and Lock actuator while working the switch we will see if it's power/ground/wiring related or the Motor or Actuators have failed and simply need replacing. It's unlikely you have a bad switch since other windows operate and I'm sure you're using the master switch to use them. Also, if the door locks all worked on say passenger side switch, then I'd be suspect of drivers door lock switch. But if they dont work at all, test for power/ground inside door.

**Note - Even with no wiring diagram you can test this. The MOTORS and ACTUATORS are bi-directional. SO this means both wires are Power and Ground when needed. A relay/control module senses the direction you press the switch, and changes the direction of Power/Ground. This is why ONE motor can make the window and door locks run in 2 directions. So place a DMM (digital multi meter) on D/C Volt Scale and ground to chassis Neg/Neg Battery cable end - use what you can easily reach. And then place positive lead in harness and rock switch up/down. Test both wires. Both should be Positive (12 + Volts) but not at same time. One is when switch is up, the other switch down. This means the wiring is good and we have power. Now, you may turn the meter to OHMS and manipulate switch in both directions. It's just like the Power Test. Now each wire should show .5 OHMS or LESS at opposite strokes of switch. That means you have a good ground. WOrks same way for door Lock Actuators which are also called door lock motors by some manufacturers.

OK? Thx.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
door panel out. new window motor in gears go one direction but not the other
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

hi thanks for help the new motor is ok tryed it on rear door , can a door lock actuator thats broke have anything to do with window motor going up and down or do i have a short in wire