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Hyundai Elantra: automatic; 122,000 miles.--On..driven..accelerate

Resolved Question:

Please tell me it isn't the transmission, only linkage or something!

--Hyundai Elantra 2011, automatic; 122,000 miles.
--On my way back down from Massachusetts (back to Georgia); had driven 3 days straight, over 700 miles.
--Raining outside
--All of a sudden, my car would not accelerate. What I mean is, the ENGINE would keep revving and going fine, but the VEHICLE would not.
-- I pulled over to the side. I gave it gas again, it went 40 or so feet, then no pickup (but engine keep going fine)
-- I put it in 2nd gear to get it up the ramp to the hotel
-- I parked, turned the car off, turned the car on, but REVERSE gear would not respond (although engine kept on revving, etc.)
-- The towed it to the nearest mechanic.
-- Other possible factor (?): gas fill up . . . I have to click the trigger every $1.00 or so or else the gas gun thing shuts off. This has been happening for the past month.

I have never had a problem, per se -- only the new alternator.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  joe replied 6 years ago.
hiCustomer silly question, is the tranny fluid topped off? also, did you check the dipstick for specs of metal, burnt fluid, or funny smell. also is there a check engine light on? or transmission?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.



Tranny fluid was topped off when I last did oil change, which was appx. 800 miles ago. I haven't checked the dipstick (and now it's at the mechanic). Check engine light, transmission light -- no lights on.

Expert:  joe replied 6 years ago.
when is the last time you did a timing belt or tranny service(which is changing the tranny fluid and filter)
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Timing belt was done at the scheduled time (don't have book, so don't remember exactly). tranny fluid and filter -- don't know, to be honest.
Expert:  joe replied 6 years ago.
ok, It sounds to me like one of two things, the electronic throttle position sensor, is faulty and or your in need of a tranny service which is like I said previously, a simple fluid change and filter change,the filter inside the tranny may be clogged. although there is a lot of mileage on this 2011, does not mean the tranny is shot. However, some of these shops are notorious for giving false diagnosis' and trying to gain extra work without the work actually being needed, so just be careful. I think you can take a sigh of relief. may I ask, how did you get so many miles on a 2011?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.



Thank you. I always change the oil and fluids (although I'm gonna look more closely at the tranny, now that you've helped me). Also, I don't run the hardware(?) into the ground (i.e, the axle stuff, slamming on the brakes . . . ).


But Joe, is there a way to protect myself against a fals diagnosis? I mean, the car is in their hands now, literally. I can't put it in reverse. I do have a mechanic I TRUST, but he's in Savannah. Thanks.

Expert:  joe replied 6 years ago.
well,if it sounds crazy, then it probably is, do not give them permission to do any work until they contact you with their findings, and you give the ok. then you can decide if you want a second opinion, don't be afraid, to talk crap to them if you need to. you can also report them to the dmv, and if you mention the attorney general, they will usually put their tail between their legs, (only do this if need be ). so you call them tomorrow, or go down there. and see whats going on. also remember, if you have triple AAA you can have them tow your car free of charge depending on what plan you have
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

This sensor thing, is it big bucks? If they can't do it themselves (it's a small, mom/pop looking operation, from what I see) . . . I don't have triple AAA just yet, but I've heard it's good stuff.

Expert:  joe replied 6 years ago.
the electronic throttle position sensor, will be somewhere around a hundred dollars, but the labor will be around 1 hour, so you times the one hour by how much they charge for labor per hour
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