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2000 Isuzu Rodeo: vent valve..hesitating..gas; engine light flashing

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I was just told I needed a new wiring harness for my 2000 Isuzu Rodeo + a vent valve. Symptom - car was hesitating after stepping on gas; engine light flashing. Repair: !500! Is there another possibility. Mechanic is certified for Isuzu.
Welcome to JustAnswer, I'm here to help get your problem resolved. Please feel free to ask follow up questions, it is part of the process.

Without more info I am assuming there is damage to the wiring harness and he tracked the problem down based on the codes stored in the computer. Did he say specifically what was wrong and is he going to guarantee this will fix the problem? Will you be charged if it does not fix the problem?

On the surface it sounds like there is an electrical issue due to harness damage which is not uncommon. Without more info I don't see problem as long as he is sure it will fix the problem.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
So, what you are saying is that he is correct. He said he found 5 codes that were all related to the harness. This mechanic also warned me 1 year ago that I would need a new harness.
I think he is correct, it all sounds pretty routine and the symptoms match the solution.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It seems that there are no new harnesses in the country. Mechanic said if I drive the car, it may stop. He found a used harness that I agreed he could put on. Was this the wrong thing to do? The harnesses are on back order, but from where? the car is not made anymore. Parts are only waranteed for 30 days, so if the harness fails after this time, I am SOL and will have to start all over and still have no car. the repair will be inthe neighborhood of $1,400. Should I go through with the repair, or take my chances and drive the car? It drives ok w/ the exception of the flashing engine light.
If the used harness is bad it should show right away. If he installs it and everything is good, chances are it won't give you any trouble. But if the cost savings are not much with the used one you should consider waiting for the backordered part if you can.