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2002diamante: the rpms up the gauge cooled..cooled

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my 2002 diamante temp. gauge was rising to hot,when bringing the rpm's up the gauge cooled down,,changed the thermostadt, was not the problem,when rising to hot bringing up the rpm's to 1800 cools it down.while driving temp. is normal, both fans are working. It did it for three days, now its running fine

Hello, most of the time this is caused by a radiator that is clogged internally. The passages get build up and do not allow coolant flow. Is the radiator is fine then it can be a bad coolant cap or worn water pump.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
the radiator was flushed not that long ago. this happened once in the winter, another 3months ago each time it goes on for a few days than its fine. right now the samething happen just a few days. but now its working fine
If it is intermittent then it is either the cooling system pressure cap or simply a bad connection at the coolant temperature sensor.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
sounds good one last question where would the cooland temperature senor be located Thanks for your help.
It is located on the top of the engine as shown.
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