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Matt, Engineer
Category: Car
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Experience:  Honors degree in Mechanical Engineering, worked 8 years as a Formula 1 engine engineer.
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A new question is answered every 9 seconds knowledge the engine is from a Rover 3500 car..gaskets..V8

Resolved Question:

I'm quite sure that my enginenumber is XXXXX
CR 9:35:1 there ia also written.
To my knowledge the engine is from a Rover 3500 car. The engine is now in a 110 LandRover.
I'd like to buy new gaskets for the carburetters, but I cannot find out if the SU carburetter is the same as on the V8 in a 110. Can you help me?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Matt replied 6 years ago.
Hello Chris

its the same carb used on both the SU HIF6

however if you purchase a gasket kit from here:

then this suits all the different carb types anyway
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Can you say anything about the engine? I belive it's a SD1 with 156 HP from a car with automatic transmission.
Expert:  Matt replied 6 years ago.

anything with an 11A prefix was fitted to Rover SD1 automatic so you're quite right and were rated to 156bhp

If your're refreshing the engine and its now in a manual transmisson I'd reccommend changing the camshaft as these tend to wear out around 60K miles and you can pickup an easy 20bhp with little or no loss in torque by using a mild tuning profile like Real steels 'hurricane' profile
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I've thought about changing the camshafts before, but I cannot find any sighns of wear. What are the sighns of worn out camshafts?
With new camshafts with a mild tuning profile, is there also a pickup with new exaust manifolds?
Thanks for very helpful answers.
Expert:  Matt replied 6 years ago.
Hello Chris

the V8 is very prone to one or more lobes going 'flat' so if you measure the overall height of each of the inlet lobes they should be within 0.05mm
do the same for the exhasut lobes

the SD1 cast manifold isn't too bad and can help in a tight engine bay but with a well made set of primaries that should have larger radii the gas flow and so power is also better

manifolds coupled with free flow system will pick up another 101-2bhp overt stock
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you very much for your kind help. Your answers have been most helpfull.
Regards Chris.
Expert:  Matt replied 6 years ago.
No problem