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When I switch the ignition off, on my Rover 75 after 30 seconds

Resolved Question:

When I switch the ignition off, on my Rover 75 after 30 seconds or so the brake lights come on. They will then go off only when I turn the ignition on again or start the engine.Or of course if I disconnect the battery.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 6 years ago.



There is a fairly known issue regarding this with the brake lights staying on..and thats due to the actual brake/proximity switch at the brake pedal..these often need to be adjusted correctly to make sure the pedal isn't actually still allowing the switch to be active or allow the lights to stay on when the pedal is fully up and the ignition is that would be one area to check over first or temporarily disconnect it just to see if the lamps do actually go out or you could try adjusting the switch position at the pedal to see if that solves the issue you have.making sure after adjusted your brake lights still operate normally "you'll likly need somebody else to observe that whilst you operate the brake pedal"..

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Morning. I still have some doubts with your explanation, as I can`t understand why there should be some 2/3 minute delay between locking the car and lights comming on.

I have a suspicion that there is something connected with damp/water, perhaps getting in around the rear light housing, causing a short, or possibly connected with boot or interior light system, as I can sometimes get the lights to go off by opening then closing the boot lid rather sharply. Whatever, they must be picking up their current from somewhere, and why can I get them to go off when I switch the ignition on, or start the engine ? L.A.P.

Expert:  Robert replied 6 years ago.



Yes.but you should make an inspection and rule that particular area out first.if all ok..then we can make checks ie: from rear clusters and connectors for water ingress and trace wiring from rear clusters back through the loom "possibily the most time consuming part which would likly need somebody with the required test equipment to check each circuit" for damage/fused wires as too any installed Towbar and wiring from that to rear lights..If there is water ingress into the boot area or seeping in through a faulty light cluster seal then i suspect there should at least a trace of water gathered in boot well or damp areas in the boot and that will be area to be investigating wiring wise more maybe worth checking that if not already.Also i'm fairly sure these will be controlled by an LCM "lighting control module" big black box behind your headlamp switch..I would also check related fuses aswell and pull the brake light fuse out..if there still on. then this should confirm there still getting a feed..Another area which would be worth checking is your plenum drains and check they're clear, when these block it can cause all sorts of problems electrically especially where the ECU is concerned as it located there..